The Newest Hotel in Baguio is Now Open

There’s something about trying out new things and visiting new places. Whether it’s the novelty of it all or the freshness of the moment, there’s always a wonderful surprise waiting for us in new experiences. 

Giraffe Hotel Baguio can do just that for you and your family. As the latest establishment to open in the summer capital of the Philippines, Giraffe Hotel is your new place to stay and dine. 

Like the creature it was named after, Giraffe Hotel stands tall in the hilly Brgy. Gibraltar in Baguio, some four kilometers away from the frantic central business district.

Established in 2022, Giraffe Boutique Hotel renovated its rooms to reflect a modern jungle motif, echoing the beauty of nature indoors. 

Apart from its rooms, guests can also enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at Mangiamo Ristorante and Pizzeria. The restaurant serves authentic, contemporary Italian food – simple in its ingredients and preparation, but flavorsome in each bite.

So when planning your next Baguio vacation, try out Giraffe Hotel Baguio!